About the project
XPLO TRADE Innovation! E-COMMERCE 2.0 start!

About the project!

Xplo employees have been implementing pioneering projects in the field of global e-commerce of investment goods for years.

The project called “Investment in hardware and software to introduce an innovative e-commerce platform to the offer of Xplo sp. z o.o. in Bydgoszcz" No. RPKP.01.06.02-04-0192/16 implemented under sub-measure 1.6.2 of the Regional Operational Program of Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship for the years 2014-2020. The project was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

XPLO TRADE is an innovative system that searches for your potential customers. Fully automated - a original algorithm is responsible for the matching process, which selects customers based on the products entered into XPLO TRADE. Your perfect client will most likely be interested in purchasing the proposed product in the form of: raw material, material, device, equipment, tool or machine. With XPLO TRADE, there is no limit - our innovative platform allows you to establish business contacts with partners from all over the world. The existing principles of operation of sales platforms are well known. In XPLO TRADE, the situation is slightly reversed and the said supplier or manufacturer, receives a personalized proposal from the most interesting parts of the global market, indicating the appropriate geographic and industry criteria. The combination of XPLO TRADE and extensive marketplaces located on servers in many countries of the world and small original industry stores gives the possibility of both, passive and active participation in global e-commerce, regardless of the location, size of the company and budget. Positive opinions from the users of the XPLO TRADE system give hope for the dissemination and tangible benefits of the system participants in the form of new business contacts and generating a large number of sales leads. The domain of the system's operation is capital goods. XPLO TRADE does not introduce any geographical and linguistic restrictions, the system is applicable in all countries of the world.

Details about the system can be found in How XPLO TRADE system works.

We invite you to cooperation.

European Union

XPLO Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością realizuje projekt dofinansowany ze środków Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego w ramach Osi priorytetowej 1. Wzmocnienie innowacyjności i konkurencyjności gospodarki regionu Działania 1.5 Opracowanie i wdrażanie nowych modeli biznesowych dla MŚP Poddziałania 1.5.3 Wsparcie procesu umiędzynarodowienia przedsiębiorstw

Tytuł projektu: Wejście firmy XPLO z nowym produktem na rynki Europy oraz Stanów Zjednoczonych

Celem projektu jest wzmocnienie potencjału eksportowego firmy XPLO Sp. z o.o. na rynkach zagranicznych: litewskim, czeskim, niemieckim, francuskim, włoskim i USA oraz prezentacja systemu i jego promocja ukierunkowana do potencjalnych odbiorców z tychże rynków.

Dofinansowanie projektu z UE: 643 575,00 zł.

How does it work?

The XPLO TRADE system is a project dedicated to companies that want
to become participants of the global market using the proposed tools.
Detailed functionalities of XPLO TRADE
are included in the price list below.


  • Storage costs
  • No investment funds
  • Development barriers
  • No regular sales
  • Unused human, financial
    and structural resources
  • No systematic sale




  • Regular production - stable sales
  • Used production capacity
  • Access to wealthy markets
  • Reduction of unnecessary structure
  • Financial liquidity
  • Access to new technologies and development


Currently, the XPLO TRADE system includes
more than 20 online stores:

Price list

bronze silver gold
The price of participation in each plan * 150 300 500
The current special price level ** 100 200 400
Individual supplier account, admin panel.
Any number of products (no limits) to the base of 23 online stores with descriptions, photos, videos, technical data and attachments.
Adding individual products to selected categories in 23 industry online stores.
Adding information in the field of product-related targeting - industry and geographic criteria.
B2B communication panel with a'vista translator.
One-time information on the interest of the market according to geographical and industry criteria – the proposed product attached to the database.
Monthly information on market interest according to geographical and industry criteria - with the proposed product attached to the system database, access to the search database.

* the given prices are net prices
** possible additional discounts for manufacturer associations etc.


Who is the B2B XPLO TRADE sales platform designed for?

XPLO TRADE is designed for entrepreneurs who want to became participants of the global market.

Who can join B2B Xplo Trade platform?

Natural persons conducting a business activity, natural persons over 18 years of age and having full legal capacity on behalf of other entities, and legal persons can join the platform.

How can I report the willingness to use the capabilities of your system?

Just send us the contact form on the website www.xplo-trade.pl

How to register on the platform?

It only takes 3 steps: the first is to send the contact form, the second is to complete our survey, the third is to sign the subscription agreement.

What is the supplier survey about?

In the survey, we ask for basic company data, i.e.: name, address, NIP [Tax ID no.], industry; and about products or product groups that you would like to place on our platform.

What conditions do I have to meet to be able to sign an agreement with XPLO TRADE?

The main condition for joining XPLO TRADE is the submission by the future user of the system of commercial conditions to the product offer proposed in the survey and familiarization with the platform's regulations.

Does signing a subscription agreement automatically allow you to use the full capabilities of the platform?

In order to make full use of the possibilities of the software, the user should introduce complete commercial offers of his products into the system as soon as possible.

For how long the subscription contract is concluded?

The subscription is signed for a period of 12 months.

What is the minimum duration of the subscription agreement?

The minimum duration of the contract is 12 months.

Can I terminate the agreement at any time?”

The contract may be terminated at any time with 1 month’s notice.

Will I be refunded after the termination of the agreement for the unused period of the contract?

Unfortunately, we do not refund funds for the remaining unused subscription period.

What are the benefits of active participation in the platform?

The greatest value of the system is the use by the user of regularly sent information concerning the interest of the indicated market in the proposed by him products added to the database.

Which of the available subscriptions will allow me to receive contact details of foreign entities interested in my products at regular basis?

Silver, Gold.

Which subscription should I choose if I would only like to be able to add my products to your e-stores without having to use all the additional functionalities of the XPLO TRADE platform?

In this case, the most optimal will be subscription at the Bronze level.

Can the XPLO TRADE platform support me substantially and practically in the implementation of a possible order received from a foreign contractor?

XPLO TRADE can carry out the entire transaction on behalf of the system user. It is connected with accepting additional conditions and documents securing the interests of each party.


"The beginning of cooperation is very promising. It costs very little, and the number of new contacts is astonishing. There is also a very handy translator installed in the system. I highly recommend it."
Izostandard, Paweł Szabelski
"Our vibro and acoustic insulation products have gained interest in new market thanks by entering them to the Xplo Trade system. This is a very attractive sales system. Attractive and very cheap! We intend to enter a much larger product base to the system in the near future."

Contact us

Please, contact us if you are interested
in active participation in the Xplo-Trade system.

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